World-record 623 miles

Hydrogen Sector 19.08.21
Written by: HYCAP

Toyota Mirai drives world-record 623 miles on single tank of hydrogen.

A new world record for the distance driven on a single tank of hydrogen has been set by Toyota’s Mirai. In a demonstration of a further benefit of hydrogen as a clean fuel source the vehicle then refuelled in 5 minutes and continued driving.

Hydrogen is a versatile energy source that can be easily stored, and unlike battery vehicles refuelling vehicles with hydrogen takes the same time as a diesel vehicle, and can then cover similar distances.

The Mirai reached an impressive 623 miles (1,003 km) to set the new record.

For long distance driving with zero-emissions Toyota claim hydrogen fuel cell vehicles such as their Mirai are the ultimate solution long term.

The record breaking drive kicked-off on the 26th of May from the Hysetco hydrogen refuelling station in Orly, France. The 623 zero-emission miles were driven on main roads south of Paris, and the record mileage and fuel consumption were verified by an independent adjudicator.

The hydrogen used for setting the new record was verified ‘green hydrogen’, meaning that it was manufactured only using renewable energy. The average fuel consumption was 0.55 kg/100km, and the Mirai can store 5.6 kg of hydrogen.

The higher hydrogen storage capacity and improved aerodynamics of the new Mirai, alongside the increased efficiency of the fuel cell system, enabled a normal driving range of approximately 404 miles, with a 5 minute standard refuel time at a 700 bar refuelling station.

The Mirai reached an impressive 623 miles (1,003 km) to set the new record, powered by zero-emission hydrogen.

The drivers used an “eco-driving” approach in order to achieve their record-breaking distance, simple methods that anyone can employ should they wish to optimise efficiency such as reduced acceleration and steady maintaining of driving speed.

Toyota is a huge advocate and supporter of zero-emission hydrogen technology, and is involved in numerous different fuel cell applications from boats (Hynova) to trucks (Hino), to taxis (Hype) and the hydrogen city (Woven City) in Mount Fuji, Japan.

A team of four drivers completed the record attempt including Victorien Erussard, the captain of Energy Observer. Toyota are a partner in the Energy Observer, which is the first Toyota fuel cell powered boat, with zero-emissions and the ability to create its own energy from the technology on board. It has been sailing around the world to demonstrate the power of hydrogen as a clean fuel, and recently took part in a renewable energy expo in Paris, during which the Eiffel Tower was illuminated green by a hydrogen powered generator.