Hydrogen Sector 05.03.24

Driving the hydrogen revolution: HYCAP portfolio company Wrightbus expands European reach with Saarbahn deal

In another significant stride toward decarbonising heavy transport on the international stage, zero-emission bus trailblazer Wrightbus, a HYCAP portfolio company, has secured a substantial European order for its hydrogen single-deck buses. Wrightbus are now the U.K. leader, and operate a production line focused on both electric and hydrogen technology. Saarbahn GmbH, the prominent German transport company, […]

Hydrogen Sector 06.02.24

ADDED and HYCAP Group team up to establish Industrial Complex in Abu Dhabi

The Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development (ADDED) and HYCAP Group, the net zero asset management company, have signed an agreement to develop the production, storage, and transport of green hydrogen, spearheading the transition to net zero in line with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Net Zero Strategy 2050 and National Hydrogen Strategy. The Memorandum […]

Hydrogen Sector 02.02.24

UK’s Hydrogen Allocation funding: Round 2

The UK has initiated the second round of the Hydrogen Allocation Round (HAR) funding program, aiming for 875 MW allocation to projects operational between 2026 and 2029. The funding, part of the Hydrogen Production Business Model (HPBM), uses a Contracts for Difference (CfD) subsidy approach. The Department for Energy Security and Net Zero plans annual […]

Hydrogen Sector 28.11.23

Net zero asset manager HYCAP Group expands to UAE

New GCC Fund to accelerate clean hydrogen economy amid regional push for decarbonisation HYCAP Group, the UK-based net zero asset management company with clean hydrogen at its core, has opened an office in Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) to support its strategic expansion to the region. At a private event during Abu Dhabi Finance Week, […]

Hydrogen Sector 22.11.23

HYCAP Group appoints new senior team members

Here at net zero investment fund HYCAP Group we are delighted to announce the appointment of four new senior managers to our team, to drive forward our work investing in the clean hydrogen and net zero energy transition market. HYCAP Group CEO James Munce joined just over 12 months ago and is now putting the […]

Hydrogen Sector 14.11.23

Paris Olympics to be showcase for hydrogen transport

Next year’s Paris Olympics are aiming to be the greenest yet, helped in large part by the deployment of hundreds of vehicles running on clean hydrogen. Toyota, the mobility partner for the International Olympic Committee and the International Paralympic Committee for Paris 2024, will provide 500 hydrogen-powered Mirai passenger vehicles and up to 10 different […]

Hydrogen Sector 07.11.23

Unlocking Industrial Potential: Rotterdam’s Race to Lead Europe’s Green Hydrogen Revolution

In a rapidly evolving energy landscape driven by the imperative to combat climate change, Rotterdam is emerging as a beacon of innovation, uniquely positioned to harness its industrial might and academic prowess to spearhead the growth of green hydrogen startups. However, as with any nascent industry there are naturally strengths, opportunities, and challenges. As a […]

Hydrogen Sector 01.11.23

Here’s why the nuclear industry is making eyes at clean hydrogen

The U.S. Department of Energy thinks a “marriage” between nuclear energy and clean hydrogen has potential, but for now they are still checking each other out from opposite sides of the dancefloor. It is a union that to many seems written in the stars. The nuclear industry needs a way to boost its profitability and sees making hydrogen as an […]

Hydrogen Sector 30.10.23

Green hydrogen’s first unicorn won’t be the last as investment ramps up

Investors’ eyes are on clean hydrogen. This month, Electric Hydrogen (EH2), a Massachusetts-based electrolyser company, became the sector’s first unicorn following a funding round that took its valuation above $1 billion. The $380 million Series C round brought its total funding to $600 million, according to data from Crunchbase. Investors in this round include Fortescue, Microsoft’s Climate Innovation […]

Hydrogen Sector 03.10.23

How clean hydrogen can make UK the ‘Saudi Arabia of Wind’

The United Kingdom is one of only a few countries that is capable of producing more hydrogen than it currently consumes in hydrocarbons, creating an opportunity to become both self-sufficient in energy and an exporter. For the UK to fulfil its potential and become the ‘Saudi Arabia of Wind’ a number of pieces need to […]

Hydrogen Sector 26.09.23

Hydrogen key to decarbonising India’s steel industry, as 2030 global capacity projections hit 21 MTPA

Examining different countries’ net-zero challenges and their corresponding actions offers valuable insights for addressing global climate goals. And few countries are more illuminating than India, given its rapidly expanding economy. According to a report from the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and EY., global clean hydrogen production capacity is anticipated to grow to 21 million […]

Hydrogen Sector 19.09.23

Clean hydrogen project in Normandy can prevent 250,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions

Clean hydrogen stands as a linchpin in our collective endeavour for the sustainable decarbonisation of industries, offering an unparalleled opportunity to reduce carbon emissions and usher in an era of cleaner, more environmentally responsible production processes. All this underscores the significance of initiatives such as Normand’Hy. Siemens Energy has recently announced their commitment to provide […]

Hydrogen Sector 12.09.23

Scotland’s hydrogen export strategy is no pipe dream

With some of the strongest wind speeds in Europe, Scotland has the potential to be one of the continent’s biggest producers of clean hydrogen. To get that hydrogen to buyers in Germany and beyond, Aberdeen’s Net Zero Technology Centre (NZTC) last month proposed the building of a new pipeline that would carry the clean fuel […]

Hydrogen Sector 05.09.23

Extreme H on track to drive change in motorsport

Hydrogen-powered motorsport has the potential to galvanise a global audience and drive environmental awareness like never before. The Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) and Extreme E have entered a Memorandum of Understanding outlining the structure for the world’s inaugural hydrogen-powered off-road racing championship. The document represents a significant step for the hydrogen-based racing series, to […]

Hydrogen Sector 31.08.23

New report highlights need to accelerate hydrogen industry and net zero delivery 

A new report has highlighted that the projected timeline for executing several of the EU’s major hydrogen projects could be no less than eight years, with the possibility of going beyond 10 years. It claims that the situation requires an entirely revised approach in order to bring the EU’s net zero objectives back within reach. Worley, with […]

Hydrogen Sector 22.08.23

UK industry titan Johnson Matthey: full steam ahead with hydrogen in China

Several robust British companies are blazing trails in the rapidly growing hydrogen industry, and one of the more prominent is titan Johnson Matthey. By the close of 2021, Johnson Matthey, a key global leader in sustainable technologies, was actively engaged in the process of commercialising its line of high-nickel cathode materials, primarily aimed at the […]

Hydrogen Sector 15.08.23

Seven British companies leading the hydrogen transition

The UK has a long history of engineering excellence and is home to some of the pioneers of the clean hydrogen revolution. The most common method for producing clean hydrogen is by splitting water into its constituent parts with an electrolyser powered by renewable energy. Not only do the inputs use very little carbon but […]

Hydrogen Sector 07.08.23

UK to launch second hydrogen subsidy round this year

The UK government is set to begin its second hydrogen allocation round later this year with plans to award contracts for up to 750 MW of projects in 2025 as the nation seeks to boost production of cost-competitive green hydrogen. The first allocation round took place in July 2022 and in March this year, the […]

Hydrogen Sector 01.08.23

SSE hydrogen van trial achieves 400-mile range

SSE has completed a four-week trial of a First Hydrogen fuel cell van as it looks at options to decarbonise parts of its fleet that are not suitable for battery electric vehicles. The 3.5-tonne prototype van was used by staff at SSE’s Aberdeen site, which is opposite a hydrogen refuelling station. While the Rivus trial […]

Hydrogen Sector 25.07.23

Plastics from green hydrogen unlock promise of circular economy

What if manufacturing plastics was carbon negative? Thanks to clean hydrogen that is exactly what could happen. Abu Dhabi clean energy pioneer Masdar, Japan’s Mitsubishi Chemical Group Corporation and INPEX last week agreed to explore production of the world’s first commercial-scale polypropylene made from carbon dioxide and green hydrogen. Polypropylene is a commonly used plastic […]

Hydrogen Sector 18.07.23

Hydrogen wins big with billions in EU Innovation Fund grants

Hydrogen projects scooped up more than half of the €3.6bn on offer from the EU’s Innovation Fund with projects focused on green hydrogen production, green methanol and ammonia, and electrolyser and fuel-cell manufacturing all securing funds. The investments pave the way for further advancements across the hydrogen supply chain, as the EU fosters clean energy […]

Hydrogen Sector 11.07.23

Companies Unite to Expedite UK’s Sustainable Hydrogen Infrastructure

In a bid to boost the UK as a frontrunner in renewable hydrogen technologies, a recently established organisation is urging the government to secure a strategic advantage. The Green Hydrogen Alliance (GHA), a collaborative trade body comprising companies from various sectors within the emerging hydrogen industry, has been unveiled. The primary objective is to solidify […]

Hydrogen Sector 04.07.23

From cornflakes to ceramics: UK energy-switching grants demonstrate hydrogen’s versatility

While hydrogen’s value as a transport fuel tends to attract much of the media’s attention, it is also helping a wide array of industries, making everything from breakfast cereals to teacups and glassware, to decarbonise. The UK government last week unveiled the 13 projects to receive more than £50 million of grants to switch from […]

Hydrogen Sector 27.06.23

Paris Choose Hydrogen for Olympic Transport

As another Glastonbury is consigned to the history books and with a summer of big events and international travel sprawling ahead of us, it can be all too easy to overlook the environmental impact that lies beneath all this excitement. Due to construction, energy consumption, and transportation of attendees and participants the impact of big […]

Hydrogen Sector 19.06.23

World’s First Hydrogen-Powered Afterburners Will Propel Hypersonic Drone to New Heights

Prepare for a transportation revolution like never before with hydrogen emerging as the game-changer capable of transforming multiple modes of travel, including the exhilarating realm of hypersonic aviation. With its unrivalled potential as a clean renewable energy source, hydrogen is poised to revolutionise the way we traverse the skies. Imagine embarking on thrilling journeys at […]

Hydrogen Sector 13.06.23

The UK and US must develop a greener special relationship.

The United Kingdom and the United States have a remarkable opportunity to collaborate in developing and expanding the hydrogen economy. With both nations recognising the immense potential of hydrogen as a clean and versatile energy carrier, joint efforts can accelerate its adoption and pave the way for a sustainable future. By sharing expertise, investing in […]

Hydrogen Sector 07.06.23

Don’t underestimate the power of hydrogen to disrupt the auto industry

There’s a lot of money to be made from telling people what’s going to happen in the future, but the truly disruptive innovations never come from commentators or analysts. They come from people making things. Even when the iPhone was unveiled by Steve Jobs in 2007 it took several years before people started to realise […]

Hydrogen Sector 31.05.23

Hydrogen: Just Do It

In response to the growing need for sustainable practices, major brands are increasingly embracing hydrogen as a clean source of energy to decarbonise their operations. And in the world of brands you don’t get much bigger than Nike. The global clothing giant, have unveiled a ground-breaking initiative in Rotterdam, a zero-carbon cutting-edge inland container ship […]

Hydrogen Sector 23.05.23

Hydrogen: The Key To Accelerated Decarbonisation

For anyone still wondering ‘why hydrogen?’ here’s a recap: The World Health Organisation (WHO) states that approximately 4.2 million deaths occur annually due to inadequate ambient air quality, and a staggering 91% of the global population resides in areas that surpass the WHO’s air quality standards. The major contributors to this pollution are emissions from […]

Hydrogen Sector 16.05.23

Hydrogen’s Role In Achieving Net-Zero.

For more recent followers, or anyone wanting to brush up on key points of the rapidly evolving hydrogen economy, it’s sometimes good to recap on where we currently are with this unique source of energy helping solve the climate crisis. Hydrogen is gaining momentum as key player in the climate solution, with approximately $10 billion […]

Hydrogen Sector 09.05.23

Ukraine Accelerates Towards Sustainable Hydrogen Future Despite Russia

The prospect of a post-war future for Ukraine has emerged, paving the way for the country to implement plans that incorporate a green hydrogen centerpiece, making use of its abundant energy export infrastructure. The development is promising for promoting a more sustainable economic profile throughout Europe. While hydrogen is primarily recognised as a fuel input […]

Hydrogen Sector 03.05.23

Miners Embrace Hydrogen To Hit Net-Zero Goals

One of the world’s dirtiest industries is going to play an outsized role in the march towards net zero emissions. Electricity networks need a huge amount of copper and aluminium. Rare earth elements are essential for the permanent magnets used by wind turbines and EV motors. Lithium, nickel, cobalt, manganese and graphite are fundamental elements […]

Hydrogen Sector 28.04.23

Leading Zero-Carbon Bus Manufacturer Appoints New CEO

A new Chief Executive Officer has been appointed by leading bus manufacturer Wrightbus. Jean-Marc Gales has spent over 30 years in the automotive industry and brings a wealth of technical, engineering, commercial and sales experience as a very senior executive, most recently serving as Chairman of Williams Advanced Engineering before its sale to Fortescue Future […]

Hydrogen Sector 25.04.23

Airport Infrastructure For Hydrogen And Electric Needs Urgent Development

Aviation accounts for approximately 2% of global carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, although its overall impact on climate change is believed to be considerably greater when non-CO2 emissions are also taken into account. As other sectors decarbonise, this percentage is only going to increase significantly. To address the issue, the industry has begun to take measures […]

Hydrogen Sector 18.04.23

G7 To Create Global Market For Clean Hydrogen

At a series of meetings in Sapporo, Japan, the G7 Climate Ministers have pledged to create a global market for clean hydrogen, which adheres to international standards. The seven countries, which represent 40% of the world’s economic activity and a quarter of global carbon emissions, play a vital role in addressing climate change. However, their […]

Hydrogen Sector 11.04.23

Hydrogen’s Growing Role In Heavy Industry

Low-carbon hydrogen is gaining traction as a highly promising solution to hasten the decarbonisation of high-emitting industries and promote a more environmentally friendly future. According to a recent report by the Capgemini Research Institute, 62% of heavy industry companies in various sectors are considering the implementation of low-carbon hydrogen to replace carbon-intensive systems. Energy and […]

Hydrogen Sector 04.04.23

Clean transport leads off-takers among UK Net Zero Hydrogen Fund winners

Clean transport will be the main use of the hydrogen produced by the winners of grants from the UK’s Net Zero Hydrogen Fund, as well as industrial applications including a first-of-its-kind chemicals project. Nine of the 15 projects awarded a total of £37.9m from the £240 million government fund explicitly mention transport, including Ballymena Hydrogen, the production facility […]

Hydrogen Sector 27.03.23

Hydrogen Innovation Shows Aviation Its Future

Innovative technologies that can facilitate electric flying taxis and hydrogen-powered aircraft are being voraciously developed in the UK. In 2019, the aviation industry was responsible for 2.4% of the world’s carbon dioxide emissions. Meanwhile, in the UK, aviation (including both international and domestic flights) contributed to 8% of the country’s total greenhouse gas emissions; so […]

Hydrogen Sector 22.03.23

Energy Secretary says production of hydrogen from renewable and nuclear will be highly significant

When it comes to discussions around the role of hydrogen in the transition away from fossil fuels there’s been a shift in the language used at the top of Government.  And as the IPCC issues its stark and ‘final warnings’ re climate change we’re starting to see rhetoric exchanged for actual deal making and significant […]

Hydrogen Sector 12.03.23

Germany plans new hydrogen-ready gas-fired power plants, highlighting U.K. opportunities

According to an announcement from the Chancellor, Germany is planning to construct 17-21GW of new power plants capable of utilising hydrogen, in addition to natural gas. These facilities will primarily serve as backup power sources in situations where renewable energy sources such as wind and solar are insufficient to meet the demand. According to Reuters, […]

Hydrogen Sector 07.03.23

UK prepares ‘plethora of announcements’ to counter U.S., EU hydrogen support

The government is preparing a swathe of new measures to support the UK’s hydrogen sector as it seeks to respond to aggressive subsidies from the U.S. and the EU. The administration of Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is readying a “plethora of announcements” on hydrogen, Graham Stuart, the outgoing minister with responsibility for the UK’s hydrogen strategy […]

Hydrogen Sector 28.02.23

China’s record-breaking green hydrogen project is just the beginning

Green hydrogen projects are getting bigger. The largest currently under construction is Ordos, a 390 MW system being built by China’s state-owned oil refining giant Sinopec that will produce about 30,000 tonnes of green hydrogen a year in Inner Mongolia. Once complete, it will displace another Sinopec project, the 250 MW Kuqa, under construction in the […]

Hydrogen Sector 21.02.23

Emirates Team New Zealand is using hydrogen to decarbonise the America’s Cup

The world’s oldest sailing race has a fossil fuel problem. While the vessels that compete for the storied trophy rely on the wind to propel themselves across the oceans, the chase boats that supply critical support to the competitors have continued to use gasoline-fuelled outboard motors. Chase boats are used extensively in the America’s Cup and other […]

Hydrogen Sector 14.02.23

Europe’s green hydrogen definition fires investment starting gun

The European Commission has published the Delegated Act, defining what constitutes green hydrogen, not only within the EU, but for those who seek to sell the clean fuel into the bloc. The long-awaited law, which still needs to be approved by the European Parliament and the 27 member states, provides the certainty that many investors have […]

Hydrogen Sector 07.02.23

Carbon negative hydrogen production is within reach

There was exciting news this week as a final investment decision was taken by U.S. start-up SGH2 Energy on a waste-to-hydrogen plant in California following sign-off from the city council. The facility will use its patented plasma-enhanced gasification technology to turn 42,000 tonnes of rejected recycled mixed-paper waste a year into 4,500 tons of “greener than green” […]

Hydrogen Sector 31.01.23

Scotland seeks to become hydrogen leader by leveraging vast wind resources

For a relatively small country, Scotland has huge wind energy resources. While its economy is about 1.2% the size of the Europe Union, its offshore wind potential is between 4% and 6% of Europe’s total. Used solely to generate electricity, it would have more wind energy than it could use in its domestic economy. But with the […]

Hydrogen Sector 24.01.23

Why the time is right for hydrogen combustion engines.

More and more companies are waking up to the likelihood that, for many use cases, hydrogen combustion engines are the best next step in their decarbonisation journey. Some saw this coming earlier than others. JCB, one of the world’s leading plant machinery manufacturers, began working on a project to develop a hydrogen internal combustion engine (ICE) […]

Hydrogen Sector 17.01.23

World Economic Forum puts hydrogen decarbonisation centre stage

The annual World Economic Forum in Davos is back this week following several years of disruption thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, and decarbonisation of hard-to-abate industries with clean hydrogen is high up on the agenda. A slew of reports from WEF in the weeks running up to this year’s event cover topics including accelerating financing for clean hydrogen projects, how […]

Hydrogen Sector 10.01.23

Portugal looks to guarantee hydrogen demand with 10-year tender

The Portuguese government has unveiled details of its first hydrogen tender, with which it plans to secure decade-long contracts for the clean fuel later this year. Portugal’s Last Resort Wholesale Trader is seeking to award 10-year contracts for 3,000 tons a year of green hydrogen at a maximum price of €127/MWh and 10,000 tons a year of […]

Hydrogen Sector 03.01.23

2023: hydrogen’s year of delivery

2022 was an extraordinary year for hydrogen as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine accelerated the search for fossil fuel alternatives, particularly in Europe where dependency on Russian natural gas was the greatest. Politicians got behind hydrogen with initiatives including the Hydrogen Business Model in the UK, REPowerEU on the continent and the U.S. Inflation Reduction Act, all of which […]

Hydrogen Sector 20.12.22

The 10 most significant hydrogen developments of 2022

So much has happened in the hydrogen economy in 2022 it is impossible to write an exhaustive list of significant developments without testing the patience of readers, so we’ve decided to give you what we at HYCAP consider to be the top 10 and explain a little about the why. When looking at this year’s […]

Hydrogen Sector 13.12.22

Hydrogen no pipe dream as Europe gets a ‘backbone’

One of the great advantages of clean hydrogen over fossil fuels is the ability to produce it anywhere there is a ready supply of renewable energy and water. However, with both of those inputs being distributed unevenly around the world, it is likely to be cost competitive to transport clean hydrogen between and across countries. […]

Hydrogen Sector 06.12.22

Hydrogen aviation is ready for take-off

While hydrogen use in the aviation industry cannot yet be said to have taken off, it is hurtling down the runway at great speed and about to nudge its nose into the air. Technical advancements have been coming thick and fast in recent weeks, with some of the biggest players in the industry, including Rolls-Royce […]

Hydrogen Sector 29.11.22

Wrightbus shows how hydrogen investment goes hand-in-hand with job creation

Zero-emission transport pioneer Wrightbus has reached 1,000 employees, up from just 56 when it was bought out of administration three years ago, demonstrating how investment in hydrogen can also be a boon for job creation. Wrightbus launched the world’s first hydrogen-powered double-deck bus, the Hydroliner, in 2020 and also boasts the world’s most efficient battery-electric double decker. […]

Hydrogen Sector 22.11.22

World Bank and global shipping amongst those making Hydrogen big winner from COP27

Last year, COP26 put clean hydrogen at the top of the global decarbonisation agenda, as global availability of affordable, renewable and low carbon hydrogen by 2030 became one of its five pillars. This year, hydrogen’s role in achieving net zero was further solidified. The scale up of low-emission hydrogen production was one of five sector-specific […]

Hydrogen Sector 14.11.22

Clean hydrogen can power the energy transition in developing nations

Amid tough negotiations at COP27 in Sharm El-Sheikh on how to finance the clean energy transition in developing nations, hydrogen is providing a focus for potential solutions. Many developing countries have abundant renewable energy resources that can be used to make clean hydrogen by powering electrolysers to split water. Africa alone could produce 5-10% of the […]

Hydrogen Sector 08.11.22

What the world needs to hear from COP27 on the hydrogen transition

A year ago, there was a big buzz in the UK around the annual United Nations Climate Change Conference, COP26, in part because it was hosted in Glasgow and Prime Minister Boris Johnson was determined to demonstrate British leadership on tackling the greatest existential threat we have ever faced. COP26 was a landmark event for clean […]

Hydrogen Sector 01.11.22

Low‐emission hydrogen supply to reach 450 Mt in 2050 as transport, power, industry decarbonise: IEA

Production of low‐emission hydrogen will rise from 0.3 Mt today to 90 Mt in 2030 and 450 Mt in 2050 as it takes an increasingly large role in the decarbonisation of industry, transport and power, according to the International Energy Agency. Total global hydrogen demand is 475 Mt in 2050 under the IEA’s Net Zero Emissions […]

Hydrogen Sector 25.10.22

Hydrogen to power next generation of plant machinery 

Hydrogen is looking increasingly as though it was made for plant machinery. Not only are some of the biggest names in the business backing the zero-carbon fuel, including JCB, Volvo and Hyundai, the infrastructure to roll it out is also coming together. This week, JCB unveiled the world’s first mobile site hydrogen refueller for its […]

Hydrogen Sector 18.10.22

Hydrogen technology pipeline bodes well for sector’s future

With clean hydrogen identified as the key to decarbonising a swathe of industries from steel to manufacturing, there has been a great deal of focus on where all the hydrogen is going to come from. The favoured solution for many is green hydrogen, produced by splitting water into its constituent parts with electrolysers powered by renewable energy. It’s […]

Hydrogen Sector 11.10.22

Let’s end this unhelpful competition between hydrogen and batteries

Ask the wrong question and you will inevitably get the wrong answer. When it comes to decarbonisation, the question has for too long been: “which is the better solution, hydrogen or batteries?” The fault line runs through a number of sectors, most notably transport, domestic heating and energy storage. In transport, battery electric vehicles (BEVs) […]

Hydrogen Sector 04.10.22

What is ‘additionality’ and why does the hydrogen industry need it?

You may be forgiven for not having been gripped by the latest bureaucratic wrangling in the EU over green hydrogen regulation but recent debates over “additionality” and the Delegated Act have important implications for European hydrogen investment. Until Sept. 14, a key piece of EU legislation, the Renewable Energy Directive II (REDII) included a requirement […]

Hydrogen Sector 28.09.22

Hydrogen is only solution for world’s biggest decarbonisation challenge

The global economy cannot do without steel and decarbonising steel is not possible without clean hydrogen. While there is a whole raft of applications for hydrogen, from decarbonising transport to cleaning up industrial processes to domestic heating, the above fact alone demonstrates the opportunity for investing in hydrogen. According to a recent report from Wood […]

Hydrogen Sector 20.09.22

Liz Truss must build on U.K. hydrogen progress

Just as the passing of the UK’s longest-reigning monarch has focused our minds on the value of continuity, the election of a new prime minister reminds us that the only constant we can be sure of is change. Boris Johnson was supportive of clean hydrogen and helped introduce a raft of measures to aid the […]

Hydrogen Sector 03.09.22

The year of hydrogen has exceeded expectations and it’s far from over

At the beginning of 2022, we predicted a stellar 12 months ahead for hydrogen but few could have foreseen the exponential pace of developments in the sector we have witnessed in the first 8 months of the year. Accelerated by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the subsequent surge in energy prices, countries and companies across […]

Hydrogen Sector 29.08.22

Germany-Canada deal shape of things to come for hydrogen trade 

If necessity is the mother of invention, expect a lot more hydrogen to start flowing towards Europe over the coming decade. Germany, in particular, is desperate to wean itself off fossil fuels after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine sent the cost of natural gas into the stratosphere and made continued purchases from its biggest supplier (also […]

Hydrogen Sector 23.08.22

Europe must match US hydrogen ambition after ‘game changer’ legislation

The US has upped the ante in the global quest to decarbonise the economy by mass producing clean hydrogen. The Inflation Reduction Act became law on Aug. 7, providing $369 billion for energy and climate projects, including a subsidy of as much as $3/kg for clean hydrogen. The subsidy works on a sliding scale, so […]

Hydrogen Sector 15.08.22

UK waste-to-hydrogen sector gets government funding boost

After global warming, waste pollution is the biggest environmental threat to our planet. Global plastics production doubled from 2000 to 2019 to reach 460 million tonnes, accounting for 3.4% of worldwide carbon emissions, according to the OECD. Only 9% of plastic waste is recycled – 15% is collected for recycling but 40% of that is […]

Hydrogen Sector 08.08.22

Clean hydrogen offers real solution to climate crisis as UK swelters

There is no denying that global warming has arrived in the UK, and not just because we’ve recently experienced our warmest ever temperature when the mercury rose above 40 degrees Celsius for the first time in July. All of the UK’s 10 warmest years on record have been since 2002, while heatwaves are now 30 […]

Hydrogen Sector 02.08.22

Power generators consider the nuclear option for clean hydrogen production

Renewables aren’t the only way to produce carbon-free hydrogen. While wind and solar energy are likely to be the main sources of energy used to produce clean hydrogen over the coming decades, the world is on the verge of a nuclear renaissance that offers the possibility of an alternative supply of carbon-free electricity. While nuclear […]

Hydrogen Sector 25.07.22

Green hydrogen cheaper than natural gas in Europe boosts investment

The price of liquefied natural gas is higher than green hydrogen in eight European countries, providing a major tailwind to invest in hydrogen. The levelized cost of green hydrogen produced with alkaline electrolysers, i.e., not including any subsidies, is cheaper than natural gas in countries including the UK, Sweden, Italy, Spain, France, Germany and Poland, […]

Hydrogen Sector 20.07.22

UK hydrogen ambitions boosted by record offshore wind auction

If the UK is to be a leader in the emerging hydrogen economy, it will be off the back of its world-beating offshore wind industry. Home to the world’s biggest offshore wind farm, the UK was also the largest market for offshore wind until last year when it was overtaken by China. Offshore wind is […]

Hydrogen Sector 11.07.22

This global first sees industrial lime produced with clean hydrogen in UK

Another major milestone has been reached in the decarbonisation of the industrial economy after UK-based Tarmac led a project to produce industrial lime with clean hydrogen. The company Tarmac replaced natural gas in the lime production process, which involves heating calcium carbonate from limestone to about 1,000 degrees Celsius. By burning hydrogen, no carbon dioxide […]

Hydrogen Sector 05.07.22

German billions accelerate global hydrogen economy

It’s hard to overstate how much Germany wants to wean itself off Russian gas. Such is its desire to rid itself of dependence on the hydrocarbons that are fuelling Vladimir Putin’s war machine that it is not only investing in hydrogen production at home; it is planning to fund infrastructure abroad to meet expected demand. […]

Hydrogen Sector 28.06.22

Hydrogen production gap creates huge investment opportunity

First the bad news: The world needs more clean hydrogen than is currently forecast to be produced over the coming 3 decades if it is to meet the Paris climate goals and keep global warming to below 1.5 degrees Celsius. The good news: That leaves a huge opportunity to invest in hydrogen production and blow […]

Hydrogen Sector 21.06.22

British companies take centre stage at dawn of the ‘hydrogen century’

“We are in the hydrogen century,” Armin Fuerderer, director of hydrogen solutions at Rolls-Royce Power Systems, told The Times recently. Over the coming decades, hydrogen has the potential to decarbonise industries from transport to steel, fertilisers to oil refining, shipping to energy storage. To fulfil its potential, a huge amount of infrastructure needs to be […]

Hydrogen Sector 15.06.22

Hydrogen needs investment to fulfil role in meeting Paris global warming goals

Clean hydrogen will be responsible for 10% of the world’s emissions reductions by 2030, if the world is to meet its obligations under the Paris Agreement, which aims to limit global warming 10 1.5 degrees Celsius this century, according to the International Renewable Energy Agency. That’s 3.7 gigatonnes per year of carbon dioxide that won’t […]

Hydrogen Sector 07.06.22

EIB investor report delivers big opportunities and hard truths on EU hydrogen financing

The European Investment Bank (EIB) has released a report into the state of the EU’s hydrogen finance market, and it has some strong recommendations if the bloc is going to meet its production goal of utilising 20 million tonnes of clean hydrogen a year by 2030. The report, titled Unlocking the Hydrogen Economy, summarises the […]

Hydrogen Sector 31.05.22

Is Germany pulling ahead in the clean hydrogen race?

England may have earned a rare victory over Germany at football last year, but it doesn’t seem to have crushed the spirits of our most industrious neighbours. Germany is going big in clean hydrogen, and there is a risk it could leave the rest of the continent behind as it has done in so many […]

Hydrogen Sector 24.05.22

UK’s £60m competition winners show strength of H2 innovation pipeline

Innovation in the UK’s hydrogen industry is alive and well. Last week saw the UK government award £60 million to 28 hydrogen projects across the country as part of a competition aimed at fostering innovation in the production and storage of hydrogen. The Department for Business, Energy and Environmental Strategy awarded about £6 million to […]

Hydrogen Sector 17.05.22

‘Crystal clear’ hydrogen the right solution for mega mining truck: Anglo American

Anglo American considered options including synthetic fuels and biofuels before it became “crystal clear” hydrogen was the right solution for converting its fleet of diesel-powered monster trucks to a clean alternative, according to CEO Duncan Wanblad. Four years ago, unable to buy the vehicles it envisioned off the shelf, Anglo, the world’s sixth largest mining […]

Hydrogen Sector 10.05.22

Europe is going to need a whole load of hydrogen imports

There is no argument: Europe, including the UK, needs to end dependence on Russian fossil fuels as rapidly as possible. In the short-term, that means more LNG (liquefied natural gas), but that only kicks the can down the road in terms of decarbonisation. While burning natural gas is a better option than coal, fugitive emissions […]

Hydrogen Sector 04.05.22

Liquefaction is the cheapest way to ship hydrogen, Wood Mackenzie says

One of the biggest advantages of green hydrogen over fossil fuels is that it can be produced anywhere with renewable energy and an electrolyser. However, some regions have superior solar and wind resources, meaning they can produce more of the clean fuel and at a lower cost. That means a considerable trade in clean hydrogen […]

Hydrogen Sector 26.04.22

Hydrogen technology development racing ahead with great minds at work

The word “breakthrough” is heavily overused, but the frequency with which it appears in articles about hydrogen technology is more than hyperbole. Great minds are working on all aspects of the hydrogen supply chain and the pace of innovation at the moment is staggering. Just this week, developments have included cheaper fuel cell materials, record […]

Hydrogen Sector 19.04.22

UK government awards contracts for technical research into hydrogen for heating

The UK government has awarded contracts to undertake technical research and evidence gathering to assess skills and standards for the use of hydrogen in heating. The publication of the awards gives insight into the technical issues the government believes to be of greatest importance before it makes a decision on whether to allow 100% hydrogen […]

Hydrogen Sector 12.04.22

Hydrogen at tipping point as policy makers reach for solutions

At the turn of the century, Malcolm Gladwell published The Tipping Point, in which he defined the phenomenon as “the moment of critical mass, the threshold, the boiling point.” In the bestselling debut, he described “how little things can make a big difference,” as he sought to explain how small events led to mysterious but […]

Hydrogen Sector 05.04.22

UN climate report makes it clear the time for clean hydrogen is now

The time for talking is well and truly over. If it wasn’t clear already, the IPCC’s latest report published Monday says unequivocally the world needs “rapid, deep and immediate” cuts in carbon dioxide emissions to avoid the worst impacts of climate change. To keep global temperatures from rising no more than 1.5 degrees Celsius by the end of […]

Hydrogen Sector 28.03.22

A manifesto for the hydrogen economy

When a solution for decarbonising our economy as powerful as Hydrogen comes along, it can be tempting to believe it will just happen, propelled by its inherent irresistible logic. But even the best ideas can falter if not given the support they need to thrive. While there is no doubt that hydrogen will transform vast swathes […]

Hydrogen Sector 22.03.22

FFI ‘on track’ for green hydrogen plans

One year on from announcing a target of producing 15 million tonnes of green hydrogen a year by 2030, Fortescue Future Industries (FFI) says it’s on track. In an interview for RenewEconomy’s Energy Insiders podcast, chief executive Julie Shuttleworth says it is ‘looking very achievable’. “It is absolutely possible, but it still needs a massive […]

Hydrogen Sector 15.03.22

Transport and heavy industry just the beginning of hydrogen decarbonisation journey

If clean hydrogen was used exclusively to decarbonise transport and heavy industry, it would be a success story worth shouting from the rooftops, but there are so many other uses for the fuel. A host of products that currently rely on natural gas and other forms of energy for their manufacture have the potential to […]

Hydrogen Sector 08.03.22

Green hydrogen cheaper than grey is a sign to step up investment

Green hydrogen – produced by splitting water with renewable energy – is cheaper than grey – produced from fossil fuels – in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and China, according to BloombergNEF. BNEF’s study is not the first to make the claim: consultancy ICIS came to a similar conclusion last November. At the time, […]

Hydrogen Sector 01.03.22

Hydrogen is key to weaning ourselves off Russian fossil fuels

Europe is in a terrible bind thanks to its dependence on Russian oil and gas. With one hand we are doing our best to cripple the Russian economy with sanctions in response to its invasion of Ukraine. With the other, we are putting money in Vladimir Putin’s pocket every time we turn on the central […]

Hydrogen Sector 23.02.22

Hydrogen combustion engines are coming…

Hydrogen combustion engines are coming to the zero-emission vehicle party, and, in some cases, are dressed rather well for the occasion. In the past week alone, Renault, Toyota and Yamaha have announced vehicles or engines that burn hydrogen instead of converting it to electricity with a fuel cell. On Feb. 17, Toyota and Yamaha said […]

Hydrogen Sector 16.02.22

Hydrogen revolution promises jobs bonanza for first movers

There are a host of compelling reasons for nations to move quickly on developing a clean hydrogen strategy: net zero goals, cleaner air, and energy security are among the most cited. First movers are also likely to reap broad economic benefits that come from decarbonising industry, whether it be steel, chemicals, manufacturing or food production. […]

Hydrogen Sector 09.02.22

Germany extends lead in hydrogen refuelling stations

Germany, Austria and Denmark will get 250 new hydrogen refuelling stations by 2026 thanks to an agreement between multinational energy company Phillips 66 and Swiss hydrogen specialist H2 Energy. The network of hydrogen stations will include existing JET petrol stations across the three countries, as well as some new sites on major transport routes. It […]

Hydrogen Sector 01.02.22

Hydrogen redraws the energy map, providing huge opportunity for UK

In the hydrocarbon era, influence in energy markets was largely a function of luck – those blessed with the biggest deposits of crude oil and natural gas became exporters and gained the power to set, or at least shape, prices, while those without were importers and subject to fluctuations in market forces. Those dynamics have […]

Hydrogen Sector 25.01.22

Canadian Pacific unveils first hydrogen fuel-cell locomotive

Clean hydrogen is again proving itself to be the solution of choice for decarbonising industries other technologies cannot reach. Canadian Pacific, owner of Canada’s second-largest rail network, has released footage of its hydrogen fuel-cell powered locomotive, a first for the North American continent. The train, converted from a diesel-powered SD40-2F, has debuted on the track […]

Hydrogen Sector 18.01.22

Hydrogen is the answer to UK energy crisis

Let’s be absolutely clear. The energy crisis we are undergoing has one source: natural gas. The cost of day-ahead UK natural gas rose from about 50 pence a therm in January 2021 to a whopping 450 pence in mid-December and was trading just below 200 pence this week. That has pushed next-day wholesale power prices […]

Hydrogen Sector 11.01.22

Hydrogen prototype for Dakar Rally unveiled

Hydrogen has taken another step into the world of elite motorsport with the unveiling of the first Dakar Rally vehicle to be powered by the clean fuel. Cars and trucks competing in the world-famous event will be required to use alternative fuels from 2024, with bikes, quads and lightweight vehicles following suit from 2030. Dakar Rally […]

Hydrogen Sector 04.01.22

Hydrogen 2022: The Year Ahead

If 2021 was the year hydrogen’s story began in earnest, what should we expect from the next chapter in 2022? We are looking forward to another stellar year for all aspects of the industry, including technology development, investment, new production and adoption. Maybe the most hotly anticipated developments within the industry in the UK is […]

Hydrogen Sector 30.12.21

Formula E considering shift to hydrogen fuel from batteries

Formula E, the all-electric rival to Formula 1, is considering a shift to hydrogen fuel cells from batteries for its fourth-generation cars. The 2022/23 season will see the introduction of Formula E’s Gen3 design, but is already thinking about Gen 4, which will be introduced in 2027. Formula E has exclusive rights to a hydrogen-powered […]

Hydrogen Sector 22.12.21

2021: The hydrogen story starts

2021 has been a year like no other for hydrogen. After a number of false starts for the industry, everything has come together for the fuel of the future in terms of technology, investment in hydrogen, and policy. Some dire warnings from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) in August and the gathering of […]

Hydrogen Sector 14.12.21

British manufacturers unveil $100m hydrogen vessels

The UK is pioneering the future of offshore operations with the release of designs for the world’s first autonomous hydrogen-powered vessels. Designed by renowned British marine operator Attollo, the three ships boast zero-emission hydrogen fuel cell propulsion, onboard renewable power generation and next-generation technology, including ergonomic environments that minimise noise and vibration for crew. The […]

Hydrogen Sector 07.12.21

Where green hydrogen goes, so does industry

The pivot to a hydrogen economy provides huge opportunities for the UK to take a leadership position in key sectors, including energy, transport, and industry. Equally, it is an opportunity that, if not grasped, would see the UK consigned to laggard status in those same areas. What is at stake was highlighted this week by […]

Hydrogen Sector 03.12.21

Tilting at Tesla: how hydrogen may eventually replace batteries in cars

Toyota is taking orders for its latest hydrogen vehicle in North America, the 2022 Mirai. The attractive vehicle, described as more of a Lexus than a Toyota, has received some very favourable reviews in terms of performance, features, comfort and looks. Its 182-horsepower engine boasts 221 pound-feet of torque and a range of 402 miles. […]

Hydrogen Sector 23.11.21

Hydrogen: the quiet revolution

There was something almost understated about Sky News Correspondent Adam Boulton’s description of test-driving a hydrogen-powered JCB last week. “I’m no expert driver but it all worked smoothly,” he reported from Derbyshire. This is precisely the point: for those using them, hydrogen-powered JCBs are no different to those running on diesel. They are a little […]

Hydrogen Sector 03.11.21

Where will the clean hydrogen come from?

When the sun sets on the 26th UN Climate Change Conference (aka COP26) in Glasgow, we’re all hoping for meaningful action from governments that appear to be taking their climate change responsibilities increasingly seriously. With more countries signing up to net zero pledges the question rapidly coming into focus is how these goals are going […]

Hydrogen Sector 07.10.21

Why The World Needs Clean Hydrogen

The consequences of human activity on the climate could not be clearer. According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, it is now “unequivocal” we have warmed the planet, causing “widespread and rapid” changes to the oceans, ice cover and land surface. Many of the changes, particularly to oceans and sea levels are “irreversible” and […]

Hydrogen Sector 10.09.21

Hydrogen Buses Save 1,500 Tonnes Of CO2 Emissions

UK bus manufacturer Wrightbus, manufacturers of the world’s first zero-emission Hydrogen bus, The Hydroliner, has announced the creation of 300 permanent jobs.

Hydrogen Sector 09.09.21

Bosch is hydrogen-ready

Electrolysis is the method by which hydrogen is produced using renewable energy. It’s the way in which hydrogen is manufactured in order to earn its ‘green’ medal.

Hydrogen Sector 25.08.21

Mission Innovation meeting

Electrolysis is the method by which hydrogen is produced using renewable energy. It’s the way in which hydrogen is manufactured in order to earn its ‘green’ medal.

Hydrogen Sector 19.08.21

World-record 623 miles

Electrolysis is the method by which hydrogen is produced using renewable energy. It’s the way in which hydrogen is manufactured in order to earn its ‘green’ medal.

Hydrogen Sector 15.08.21

Colours Of Hydrogen

Electrolysis is the method by which hydrogen is produced using renewable energy. It’s the way in which hydrogen is manufactured in order to earn its ‘green’ medal.

Hydrogen Sector 12.08.21

What is electrolysis?

Electrolysis is the method by which hydrogen is produced using renewable energy. It’s the way in which hydrogen is manufactured in order to earn its ‘green’ medal.

Hydrogen Sector 08.08.21

UK’s first public network

Electrolysis is the method by which hydrogen is produced using renewable energy. It’s the way in which hydrogen is manufactured in order to earn its ‘green’ medal.

Hydrogen Sector 03.08.21

Hydrogen Olympic Potential

Electrolysis is the method by which hydrogen is produced using renewable energy. It’s the way in which hydrogen is manufactured in order to earn its ‘green’ medal.

Hydrogen Sector 01.08.21

Net-zero targets are put at risk

Electrolysis is the method by which hydrogen is produced using renewable energy. It’s the way in which hydrogen is manufactured in order to earn its ‘green’ medal.