Hydrogen Buses Save 1,500 Tonnes Of CO2 Emissions

Hydrogen Sector 10.09.21
Written by: HYCAP

As New Hydrogen Buses Save Over 1,500T Of CO2 Emissions, Wrightbus Announce 300 Permanent Jobs.

UK bus manufacturer Wrightbus, manufacturers of the world’s first zero-emission Hydrogen bus, The Hydroliner, has announced the creation of 300 permanent jobs.

The news coincides with the British Government’s release of the long-awaited Hydrogen Strategy. This is particularly relevant as Wrightbus have just released data showing they’ve already made savings of over 1,500 tonnes of harmful CO2 emissions, thanks to their zero-emission hydrogen buses now in operation in cities across the UK.

This makes the government’s promise of 4,000 zero-emission buses in the UK even more important, and something the public transport sector awaits eagerly, especially in light of the recent IPCC report which was nothing short of damning in regards to our emissions.

When Wrightbus was bought out of administration in October 2019, the company had just 56 members of staff, now it’s close to 1,000.

Sir Tim Peake receives a demonstration of the Wrightbus revolutionary platform ‘Uptime 365’ – the software platform enables optimal use of the vehicles with live real-time performance analysis.

It’s the powerful combination of Wrightbus emissions-lowering technology already in operation nationwide, coupled with the subsequent creation of so many new jobs, that makes the company such a glittering example of the slogan ‘Green Recovery’.

“It’s a fantastic success story, and not one many people would have imagined just a few short years ago,” said Wrightbus MD Neil Collins.

“In the last two years, the company has not only been bought back from the brink, but has been reinvigorated and has seen a period of phenomenal growth. We’ve launched the world’s first hydrogen double decker, we’ve launched the fastest-charging double deck electric bus on the market and we’re now the UK’s only bus builder with both a hydrogen and electric product on the market.

“Our order book is looking very healthy with our zero emission buses in high demand, and we have multiple conversations ongoing with a number of bus operators from across the UK and Ireland. And let’s not forget that this has all been achieved despite the terrible effects of the global pandemic over the past 18 months.”

Mr Collins said employees joining the firm would get the chance to be involved with world-leading technology and systems that were at the forefront of revolutionising the transport industry.

“This has all been achieved despite the terrible effects of the global pandemic over the past 18 months“

“Our zero emission buses are truly world-leading and we’re incredibly proud of the part they’re playing in the UK’s race to net zero. The fact that our employees get to play their part in this effort makes them incredibly proud, not to mention the fact that they are developing and working with the technology of the future.

Imagine the CO2 savings that would be saved by having 4,000 hydrogen buses in operation.  And that’s only 10% of the entire UK bus fleet.”